Army Reveals ‘Cyber TRIDENT’ Contract Request to Boost Cyber Training

The Army has revealed its highly anticipated cybersecurity request for proposals it has deemed “Cyber Training, Readiness, Integration, Delivery and Enterprise Technology” contract, or “Cyber TRIDENT.” This contract could potentially be valued as high as $1 billion to provide cyber training for the Department of Defense. The contract’s website describes it as providing the army a “consolidated, streamlined approach for integrating, incrementally releasing, and maintaining cyber training capabilities,” and “protects and leverages DoD’s future investments in cyber training and related infrastructure.”

Fifth Domain reported that the largest aspect of this contract will be the Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE), which will “allow U.S. Cyber Command’s cyber mission force members to log on from anywhere in the world for training and to rehearse missions.” U.S. Cyber Command has stated in the past that PCTE is one of the organization’s most critical needs, as no integrated or robust cyber training environment exists.

This robust cybersecurity contract request is welcome news after the Pentagon has suffered from cybersecurity vulnerabilities in recent months. As we reported in our blog, “Vulnerabilities in Pentagon Networks Highlighted by COVID-19 WFH Period,” a key area of deficiency is IT security, which the DoD Inspector General highlighted in his recent audit. This has left military networks inconsistently secured or exposed to hacks or unknown actors. The Government Accountability Office said in a report that “DoD Needs to Take Decisive Actions to Improve Cyber Hygiene.” Hopefully, implementation of Cyber TRIDENT will harden some of these vulnerabilities.