High Tech Heist: Vlog Series on Banking Cybersecurity

Despite dozens of regulatory policies and a multitude of federal and state agencies charged with overseeing security, cyber attacks on the US financial organizations are increasing in frequency and severity. Earlier this year, China Tech Threat founder, Roslyn Layton, wrote about this issue in a white paper entiteld “High-Tech Heist: Chinese Government IT Vendors and the Threat
to U.S. Banks.”
Now, in our latest vlog series, Dr. Layton interviews experts on why this industry is so heavily targeted, what policy makers can do and the best way for institutions to protect themselves.

Part 1: Banking Author-Expert Tom Vartanian, on Insecure Hardware, Software, and Networks

In out first vlog of the series, Tom Vartanian, author of 200 Years of American Financial Panics: Crashes, Recessions, Depressions & the Technology That Will Change it All, discusses insecure hardware, software and networks. Watch as he explains why banking is the “number one target of hackers around the planet” and how we go about solving this ever present issue.