Biden Says Administration is Ready for “extreme competition” with China

During his pre-Super Bowl LV interview with CBS News, President Biden discussed his approach to China and his relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping, saying that his administration is ready for “extreme competition.”  

This has been a consistent theme in the early days of the new administration. China Tech Threat called attention to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s statement from the podium, when she said: “Strategic competition with China is a defining feature of the 21st century. China is engaged in conduct that it hurts American workers, blunts our technological edge, and threatens our alliances and our influence in international organizations.”

As the Biden-Harris Administration undergoes its review of policies and regulatory actions connected to companies and Chinese investment, it is essential that the administration looks to include strategies to stop the flow of semiconductor manufacturing equipment (SME) made in the U.S., but are continuing to reach Chinese military end users. China Tech Threat Co-Founder Dr. Roslyn Layton made this warning, among others, in a recent discussion on the CSIS ChinaPower podcast with Dr. Jim Lewis: 

“Semiconductor firms today, like Applied Material, KLA, or LAM Research, are actively selling advanced technologies to Chinese companies which have links to the Chinese military, like YMTC and CXMT. They are not going to stop until the Department of Commerce steps in and says this is a problem,” Dr. Layton said.