5G Security Challenges Webinar: “Lenovo is more Chinese than Huawei”

Last week, the Parliamentary Intelligence-Security forum (PI-SF) held a webinar titled “5G Security Challenges.” The second in the 5G security series, Congressman Robert Pittenger hosted a lively conversation featuring U.S. political leaders and European lawmakers to discuss the growing threat from China’s 5G ambitions. One major takeaway from the event was that we must be aware of the dangers of Chinese technolgy, not just from Huawei, but from companies such as Lenovo, GE and Motorola. As one panelist put it, “The Chinese Communist Party is hiding behind its vendors.” The webinar featured former Congressman Mike Rogers (R-MI), Hon. Jason Boswell, Head of Security for the Network and Product Solutions Department at Ericsson, and Hon. Sohan Dasguspta, Deputy Counsel for the… Read More

Roundtable Recap: China’s Threat to National and Economic Security in Democratic Nations

On November 19, the Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum (PI-SF) hosted a virtual roundtable discussion on “China’s Threat to National and Economic Security in Democratic Nations.” The event was moderated by former U.S. Representative Robert Pittenger (NC-9), who, during his time in Congress, spearheaded legislation to halt the flow of sensitive U.S.-made duel-use technologies to China’s military. Unanimously, the expert panel agreed that China’s ambitions to control over modern technologies is a primary challenge to the United States’ economic and national security interests.  “There is widespread bipartisan consensus that we have failed in our efforts to bring China closer to our values,” said U.S. Representative John Curtis (UT-3). That realization prompted the creation of the China Task Force, which produced more than… Read More