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Connecticut’s Contracts with Chinese Government-Owned Technology Vendors

Sensitive Personal and Financial Information is at Risk

Learn More about the Impact in Connecticut

The Problem

Chinese government-owned technology manufacturers, including Lexmark and Lenovo, have been banned by U.S. military and intelligence agencies because of security vulnerabilities. (Read the report)

Who can take action?

Sean Carroll, Chief Procurement Officer who facilitates the purchasing and contracting activities of all state agencies. (Read more)

Jeremy Goldberg, New York’s Chief Information Officer, who “provides statewide IT strategic direction, directs IT policy and delivers centralized IT products and services that support the mission of the state.” (Read more)

What actions have Congressional Leaders taken?

Senator Chuck Schumer has called for the American acquisition of social media app TikTok in order to keep US user data safe and out of the hands of the Chinese government.

Representative John Katko is the top Republican on the House Homeland Security cybersecurity subcommittee and has been a leading voice fighting against foreign cyber attacks.

Representative Eliot Engel has introduced a bill that would establish an Office of International Cyberspace Policy at the State Department, whose primary purpose would be to advocate democratic ideals for cyberspace and push back against foreign censorship efforts.

Representative Elise Stefanik has cosponsored a bill that would ensure that companies listing on US exchanges are transparent about any connection to the Chinese Communist Party.


Despite military and intelligence agency bans, the Connecticut State Government has spent $14,882,890.20 on Lenovo computers, systems, and IT services, and $13,198,852.54 on Lexmark printers and related services in recent years. (See the State’s purchasing summary for Lenovo and Lexmark and our summary here.)