CTT Allies Heritage Action and State Armor Helping Fuel State-Level Momentum to Ban Dangerous Chinese Technology

China Tech Threat has spent years urging state governments to prohibit the use of dangerous technology from Chinese-owned companies such as Lexmark and Lenovo. The threat has not abated: This week the federal government disclosed that Chinese hackers have already spent five years lurking inside critical infrastructure. State-level leaders should recognize that the Chinese Communist Party is looking to exploit every possible technological avenue to steal data, derail critical services, and spy on Americans.

Thankfully, in just the past two weeks alone, lawmakers in six states (Utah, Maryland, Tennessee, Nebraska, Maine, and Arizona) have taken new legislative action to protect residents, businesses, government offices, infrastructure, and personal and sensitive data from threats posed by the Chinese government.

This fight is critical, and CTT is thankful to have two solid allies taking steps to drive it forward.  This week, the Heritage Foundation posted a model policy that states can adopt to prohibit procurement from Chinese state-controlled technology manufacturers. Every state legislator interested in protecting his or her constituents from the worst dictatorship on planet earth should check it out.

CTT also commends the launch of State Armor, a group which bills itself as “the premier source for research and education on State policy solutions to global threats, enhancing America’s response to unprecedented security challenges.”

Fox News covered State Armor’s launch, quoting founder Michael Lucci as saying, “The Chinese Communist Party is engaged in a broad effort to supplant the United States so it can rewrite global norms according to its authoritarian model. To achieve its goals, the CCP aggressively pursues a strategy to gain economic leverage over state and local governments, to make states dependent on their technologies, and to suppress the First Amendment-protected speech of Chinese dissidents within America.”

State Armor has already supported the effort to protect U.S. critical infrastructure, and we look forward to their aggressive engagement in the months and years to come.

The Chinese Communist Party is targeting your state. CTT, the Heritage Foundation, and State Armor are here as resources to help you fight back.