CTT Special Report: The Cryptic Chinese Think Tank Study that Ranked US Governors

China Tech Threat released the first-ever English translation of the 2019 Minzhi Research Institute Study that ranked US governors based on their friendliness to China. Identifying governors as a possible infiltration point for Chinese/US trade in the midst of the current presidential administration’s trade war, the Chinese Think Tank report shows that China has created a ranking system for state leaders based on their perceived toughness on China and willingness to do business with Chinese companies.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo referenced the report in his speech to a gathering of governors in early February, with Sec. Pompeo stating, “I’ll let you decide where you belong. Someone in China already has…. Whether you’re viewed by the [Chinese Communist Party] as friendly or hardline, know that [China] is working you and the team around you.” Major media outlets upon its release did not report on the report, and China Tech Threat has published the first English-translated version of the study for public viewing.

The study writes that, “Since Trump took office, the United States has exerted full pressure on China in terms of the economy, trade, science and technology, and actively seek to decouple from China in the economic, humanities, education and other areas….it seems that a strong voice against China has become mainstream, and there is a growing momentum.” The study focuses on state leadership due to the increasing scrutiny on China by the Trump administration, as Chinese leaders are searching for inroads to the US economy outside of federal purview.

State and local policymakers should no longer ignore the Chinese government’s foray into American’s technology infrastructure. As our report demonstrates, one immediate step that states must take is to review current contracts for security vulnerabilities and eliminate existing contracts with Chinese-owned manufacturers for the sake of maintaining data privacy and confidentiality. For more information – and to see where the Chinese report ranks your state leader – please see the special report section of our site linked here.