CTT’s Roslyn Layton: Cybersecurity officials like Tennessee’s chief information officer play a low-key but important role | Opinion

Article Introduction

Huawei was identified as a threat in 2012, but it took leadership five years to take action. Thankfully, the Pentagon’s lagging response has finally increased its pace, with the Defense Department Inspector General recently exposing the purchase of Lenovo, Lexmark and GoPro equipment for military purposes in 2018. Each of these Chinese companies possesses ties to the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Communist Party. By introducing these devices into government and personal networks users unknowingly compromise their data security.

However, this threat is not confined to the Federal Government, and it is imperative that state leaders also take action to protect the information of its citizens – which is why Tennessee CIO Stephanie Dedmon and her colleagues in Nashville play such an important role. For example, Chinese technology giant Lenovo boasts its technology is currently used in 900 state and local governments, as well as 70 military and civilian agencies.