Dr. Layton Pens Op-ed About the #FutureofBIS

This morning Real Clear Defense published an op-ed by China Tech Threat founder, Dr. Roslyn Layton.

The op-ed, entitled “Can Strategic Trade Nominee Lead Crucial Agency to Compete with China?” examines and explains the importance of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). As Dr. Layton notes the “once a relatively unknown government agency, BIS’ responsibility of enforcing strategic export controls on sensitive technologies has elevated the office to a more prominent role, especially as U.S.-China relations have grown increasingly tense.”

Dr. Layton also give thoughtful insight into the recent nomination of Alan Estevez to lead the department during the Biden Administration. The op-ed explores Mr. Estevez’s qualifications for this leadership position, the career path that led him to this point and what his potential policy view may be as it relates to BIS’s mandate.

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