GA State Rep. Momtahan Explains State Solutions To Counter China Tech Threats  

China Tech Threat Co-Founder Dr. Roslyn Layton talked with Georgia State Representative Martin Momtahan just days after Governor Brian Kemp signed into law his bill, SB 346, that will prohibit the State of Georgia or any state agencies from contracting with any company owned or operated by the Chinese government.   

During the conversation, Rep. Momtahan explains the impetus for his legislation to protect individuals, businesses and government infrastructure in Georgia from technology threats posed by China intrusion and influence. He shares how his experience working in technology security as far back as 2010 helped him recognize the need for stronger state-level restrictions to match similar technology security policies at the federal level, including the Department of Defense.  

Rep. Momtahan also explains why Georgia is just the beginning and how he is working to have versions of his bill adopted in other states: “this is just the beginning. And I think we’re either the first or one of the very first states that have adopted this policy. And I think this is going to spread like wildfire.” Cosponsored State Senator Jeff Mullis and signed into law by Governor Kemp on May 4, SB 346 will require businesses submitting bids to the Georgia Department of Administrative Services to certify they are not owned or operated by the Chinese government. Submitting a false certification could result in a fine of up to $250,000.  

Watch Momtahan’s video here.