Is Your State 1 of the 46 That Has Purchased Banned PRC-Owned Technology?

Did your state contribute to the more than $285 million states have spent on dangerous PRC-owned tech? Has your state taken up policy to prohibit these dangerous contracts that put your residents, businesses and state infrastructure at risk? The answer to these questions can be found in China Tech Threat’s (CTT) 50-state research and analysis of spending on restricted Lexmark and Lenovo technology.

The links detail the 46 states that have recently made purchases from one or both PRC-owned companies, with recent spending totaling over $285 million. Scores of agencies charged with protecting sensitive data are using this dangerous technology, including six military-connected agencies, 10 state police forces, several departments with election oversight, and 13 state legislatures.

It will also show encouraging information about nine states that have enacted laws to restrict the purchase of suspect technology, with four new states ratifying laws this spring alone.

CTT has been tracking this disturbing spending trend dating back to 2020 following a U.S. Department of Defense Inspector General report which revealed continued use of technology from Chinese government-owned companies Lenovo and Lexmark. Despite being restricted by U.S. military and intelligence agencies due to their connection to the Chinese government and military, Lenovo and Lexmark technology is still being purchased by state government bodies. 

While federal policy directs information security at the federal level, states must determine their own security standards making states vulnerable to intrusion through the purchase of these risky Chinese technology products and services. The momentum building at the state level to stop these purchases and it is time for all state to take action.