Kansas Continues to Be at Risk Due to Restricted Chinese Tech

Since China Tech Threat’s (CTT) original report in 2023 on Kansas’s spending on restricted Chinese technology, we have found that the state of Kansas spent an additional $305,558 in 2023 on technology from Lenovo, Inc. also it was discovered that previously unreported data shows an additional $55,279 spent in 2018 and $38,500 in 2016.

Our new updated report on spending shows that the state of Kansas spent a combined $4,025,443 on restricted Chinese technology from Lenovo, Inc. and Lexmark, Inc. between 2015 and 2023.

We have identified that due to spending that select vulnerabilities in Kansas are the Department of Health and Environment, the Department of Commerce, the State Legislature, and the Board of Nursing.

We encourage to lawmakers in Kansas to follow the lead of other states around the country and introduced legislation that would stop the purchasing of dangerous Chinese technology.

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