Lenovo: “An American security threat”

In a piece published over the weekend, an analysis reports that Lenovo continues “not shy away from its deep Chinese military ties” an remains a serious security threat to Americans across the country.

Throughout the piece, the authors emphasize the continued grip that the Chinese Communist Party has on companies across the People’s Republic of China, including Lenovo. “In June 2017, Lenovo Group Ltd. joined the Civil Enterprise Military Expo in Beijing as a leading civil enterprise representative, along with large state-owned enterprises such as China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation and China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation.”

The authors also explain that even with this clear and alarming evidence, the U.S. continues to fail to take real concrete steps around businesses other than Huawei: “Lenovo’s global business is outstanding, but also a concern to the free world. Its influence might be as phenomenal as that of Huawei. However, Washington does not seem to pay much attention to it.”

The article also quotes China Tech Threat founder Roslyn Layton’s June 2020 report, “Why Is U.S. Policy Tough On Huawei And TikTok But Not Lenovo?” They note that Roslyn explains that Lenovo’s 2014 acquisition would cost American taxpayers “$378 million bill to rip and replace the Air Force servers, among other costs” but that it is critical for the protection of all Americans, not least our military.

It could not be clearly, as China Tech Threat has repeatedly explained – Lenovo is a successful model of the CCP influence infiltrating the free world and creating dangers that consumers and policymakers fail to see.