Maine Bill To Stopping CCP Tech Threats To State Becomes Law

On May 1, Senator Lisa Keim’s bill , An Act to Increase Cybersecurity in Maine, became law. The bill, (LD877, SP0374) will prohibit local and state government from entering contracts with companies that are connected to hostile foreign governments, like China. 

In an interview about her bill, Senator Lisa Keim told CTT: “China is not our friend. They are collecting information and our data for purposes that are not beneficial to us and have been doing it for years. We absolutely have to stop this in state government. We need to do this to protect our people and our businesses.” 

Senator Keim told The Maine Wire“I am recognizing the increasing threat that China is to the U.S. and at the local level. And it’s not something that local governments, state governments are generally accustomed. We’re not accustomed to thinking about our foreign adversaries and national security. But national security is now a matter of state interest because we are being targeted on the state level”.

CTT provided expert testimony throughout the legislative process where it highlighted the state’s spending on Lexmark and Lenovo technology. You can find the Maine state government’s latest spending on these restricted technologies here.

We salute Senator Keim’s effort to better protect the state of Maine from Chinese Communist Party attempts to infiltrate key state databases and put Mainers at risk.