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Maine’s Contracts with Chinese Government-Owned Technology Vendors

Sensitive Personal and Financial Information is at Risk

Learn More about the Impact in Maine

The Problem

Chinese government-owned technology manufacturers, including Lenovo, have been banned by U.S. military and intelligence agencies because of security vulnerabilities. (Read the report)

Who can take action?

Fred Brittain is the Chief Information Officer for the State of Maine, and has “developed a focus on aligning organizational technology strategies and service delivery.” (Read more)

Jaime C. Schorr is the State of Maine Chief Procurement Officer. She provides “directional leadership and strategic management for the purchase, procurement, and acquisition of all contractual services, supplies, materials, and equipment for State of Maine government.(Read more)

What actions have Congressional Leaders taken?

Sen. Angus King (I) is the co-chair of the Cyberspace Solarium Commission, whose legislative goal is to better defend the nation’s critical infrastructure from foreign cyberattacks. Sen. King introduced a bill this year to upgrade state and local government’s cybersecurity through a grant program.

Sen. Susan Collins (R) sent a letter to President Trump criticizing his move to eliminate the White House Cybersecurity Coordinator position. Sen. Collins also Introduced the Cybersecurity Disclosure Act, which would require public companies to prioritize cybersecurity and data privacy.

Rep. Jared Golden (D) voted in favor of the Secure 5G and Beyond Act, which would require the president develop a strategy to ensure the security of 5G and assist allies with 5G security.


Despite military and intelligence agency bans, the Maine State Government has spent $5,255,226.78 on Lenovo computers, systems, and IT services in recent years. (See the State’s purchasing summary for Lenovo)