NATO CCDCOE Paper Shows Why Chinese Tech Must be Held to the Highest Security Standards

According to research conducted by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE), the continued cyber-security debate surrounding Chinese tech giant Huawei is imperative to securing the 5G wireless buildout. The CCDCOE states in the paper that the NATO center recognizes that it is rational to demand the highest possible security assurance for 5G technology, as the critical infrastructure used in the 5G buildout requires the highest level of cyber-security.

The historic partnership between Chinese technology companies and the Chinese government are well-documented, raising serious security concerns from many countries around the world. The risk of cyber espionage and the leveraging of cyber networks to farm user data must be addressed by national governments, as companies are compelled by Chinese law to share user data when requested by the Chinese Communist Party.

The authors of the NATO study go so far as to note that “Eliminating the risk of control over such systems by an adversary state may include the elimination of Chinese products from the supply chain.” They conclude by summarizing: “Solid accountability, transparency, and risk mitigation mechanisms are the essential minimum in order to benefit from the socioeconomic benefit of 5G without jeopardising national security.”