Nebraska Lawmakers Advance Bill to Protect State from China Threats

China Tech Threat (CTT) provided expert testimony at a February 8 Nebraska Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee meeting, where the committee heard from Senator Eliot Bostar on his bill,  the Adopt the Pacific Conflict Stress Test Act and the Foreign Adversary Contracting Prohibition Act ( LB 1300).

During Senator Bostar’s testimony, he shared, “LB1300 prepares the state’s supply chains and critical infrastructure for the risk of a Pacific conflict that Beijing consistently signals might occur.” Further adding, “Given that Nebraska is the home to Strategic Command and other critical American assets, it is not hard to imagine Nebraska being a target of cyberattacks and other disruptions. We cannot control these global risks, but we can and should prepare for them.”

CTT’s Policy Director Chris Mohrman highlighted its updated research on Nebraska State government spending on restricted technology, which found Nebraska has spent a now total of $207,848 between 2018 and 2023 on restricted Lenovo, Inc. technology. Some of the purchases were made by the states Attorney General’s office and the State Police. Mohrman informed the members of the committee that it was time to “Stop Digging”.

Other noteworthy experts and leaders that testified in favor of Senator Bostar’s bill were Nebraska Lieutenant Governor Joe Kelly, Director of Nebraska’s Department of Administrative Services Jason Jackson, and CEO of State Armor Michael Lucci.

(Left to Right: CTT Policy Director Christopher Mohrman, NE Senator Bostar, & State Armor CEO Michael Lucci)

Senator Bostar should be commended for his leadership to ensure Nebraska residents and its infrastructure are protected from threats.