Rep. Mark Green Introduces Two Bills Addressing the Chinese Threat to the American Tech Sector

Following the introduction of a bill by Sens. Cruz and Hawley that would prohibit the use of federal funds employing tech produced by Chinese companies, lawmakers are continuing with attempts to “decouple” American interests from the Chinese regime because of the current health crisis. Congressman Mark Green (R-TN) has been a leading voice in the House regarding Chinese technology and manufacturing issues, introducing one bill last month addressing Chinese investment in distressed American companies and has another bill upcoming regarding supply-chains and American dependence on Chinese manufacturing.

As Rep. Green told The Epoch Times, his upcoming bill provide a tax deduction for companies moving operations from China to the United States, paying for the capital spending deduction with the money collected from U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports. This recommendation from Green comes after supply chains were disrupted and threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic and has been lauded by the Trump administration through the multiple COVID-19 stimulus packages. 

In another piece of legislative action, Rep. Green had previously introduced the “SOS Act” last month, which would incentivize America’s investors to purchase distressed US companies to prevent their acquisition by the Chinese government. NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg also warned about this possibility, stating, “Some may seek to use the economic downturn as an opening to invest in our critical industries and infrastructure.”

These legislative efforts by Rep. Green highlight two more angles at which lawmakers are working to address the persisting threat that comes from Chinese involvement in the American tech sector. By addressing the Chinese technology threat at the Congressional level policymakers are working to ensure the United States’ citizens, businesses and government agencies are protected from the actions of malign foreign actors both now and in the years to come.