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State CIO’s:

Chinese Technology = Vulnerable Networks = Do Not Buy!

CTT’s Top 3 “Fast Facts” for State CIO’s

  1. The Pentagon has identified Lenovo computers, Lexmark printers, and Go Pro cameras as vulnerable equipment
  2. State CIO’s spend billions annually – including on compromised Chinese technology – which invites personal data breaches and exposes sensitive infrastructure
  3. Keep your citizens safe by purchasing technology from manufacturers with a secure supply chain

Did you know?

  • China’s National Intelligence Law compels Chinese companies to provide unmitigated intelligence to the government?
  • A congressionally-mandated commission concluded that “Lenovo has been linked to Chinese state-led cyberespionage efforts”?
  • The National Vulnerabilities Database lists 20 cybersecurity vulnerabilities for Lexmark printers that could allow remote attackers to conduct cyberespionage?
  • While mainstream news media mainly covers concerns about Huawei and ZTE over US supply chain vulnerabilities, recently the U.S. Department of Commerce blacklisted 28 other Chinese organizations and companies for their alleged role in facilitating human rights abuses in China’s Xinjiang region.

Now that you know… do not buy this hardware for your networks!

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