Statement by China Tech Threat on Recent News Story

A news story posted which reflects China Tech Threat (CTT)’s success highlighting the danger of using technology manufactured by Chinese-owned companies.  

During the course of our discussion with this publication, we repeatedly asserted that since its origin in 2019, CTT has never published anything that was factually incorrect. Likewise, the outlet was unable to identify any inaccuracies or sources which contradicted CTT’s research.  

We are proud of our work and commend the many organizations, experts, and policymakers that create transparency about the risk of using technology owned and affiliated with the Chinese government.   


  • Since 2019 China Tech Threat (CTT) has studied the problems of technology produced by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and suggested policy solutions to protect the security, privacy, and prosperity of all Americans.  
  • CTT highlights best practice polices at the federal and state level to protect citizens and companies’ data from the Chinese regime. Our reports are publicly available, based on many official U.S. government reports, and referenced by many experts. We provide advice on these best practices to allied organizations and interested lawmakers.  
  • The knowledge we have collected and published reflects the views of several presidential administrations (Obama, Trump, and Biden), both parties in Congress, official agencies of the U.S. government, and many international allies. Most Americans share CTT’s view that Americans’ data and networks must be secured from foreign intrusion, espionage, and compromise.  
  • CTT has created transparency about many Chinese government aligned firms including but not limited to TikTok, DJI, Hikvision, Dahua, Lenovo, CXMT, Lexmark, Tencent, YMTC, and others. These firms reject sunlight into their operations and are unhappy with U.S. policy. We believe that attacks on CTT and others that share our views come from the Chinese government using Chinese companies in America to fight a proxy war against U.S. national security policy. 
  • CTT’s examination of Lenovo and Lexmark followed publication of a critical Pentagon Inspector General July 26, 2019 report. That report noted Lexmark’s “connections to Chinese military, nuclear, and cyberespionage programs” and described Lenovo’s “known cybersecurity risks.” More about both companies can be found in CTT’s May 17, 2023 white paper.  
  • CTT has never said anything that has not first been described by reliable sources including the U.S. government and other democratic governments. To our knowledge, there is nothing factually incorrect that CTT has published. Since 2019, CTT has been cited in hundreds of articles, and to date, not a single journalist, expert, or policymaker has asked for a correction.