There has been a troubling wave of violence against Asian people – mostly recently with the mass shooting in Atlanta. Disturbingly, Newsweek reports that “Researchers at the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University found a 149 percent increase in such crimes compared to 2019.” We condemn this violence in the strongest possible terms.

In stark contrast, our mission is to safeguard all people by shedding light on the increasing threat of technology imported into the US and other democratic nations from the People’s Republic of China.

After all, there is broad bipartisan agreement among leaders in democratic countries that the PRC’s military-civil fusion threatens free people everywhere. More specifically, the Communist Party’s stranglehold on the Chinese government has caused a long track record of suppressing free speech, an independent media, and access to information while forbidding political opposition and targeting ethnic minorities.

But none of this should be interpreted in any way as a rebuke of Asian people – be they in the US, other countries, or even in China itself. Individual citizens are not the problem. The problem is unscrupulous governments using their means to dominate others.

We stand against violence and up for freedom. 

Join us to #StopAsianHate