Nebraska Bill Will Help Protect State from CCP Influence

On January 16, 2024, Nebraska State Senator Eliot Bostar introduced the “Adopt the Pacific Conflict Stress Test Act and the Foreign Adversary Contracting Prohibition Act” (LB1300). The bill comes as the update research shows the state continues to spend taxpayers’ dollars on risky Chinese technology.Research released by China Tech Threat (CTT) in 2023 revealed that the state spent $206,797 on restricted Chinese technology from Lenovo. That number has only grown since then, with updated reach showing the total now equals $207,848. Our fact sheet shows purchases by the Attorney General’s office and Nebraska State Patrol which are now at risk of sensitive information being put in jeopardy because of the use of these risky technologies .With this bill,… Read More

States Starting 2024 with Legislative Focus on Restricting China Tech

Building on strong momentum in 2023, lawmakers in a growing number of states are starting their 2024 legislative sessions with bills to prohibit the purchase of technology by companies owned or operated by the Chinese government.Below is a roundup of legislative activity by state lawmakers leading the fight to help protect residents, businesses, government offices, infrastructure, and personal and sensitive data from threats posed by the Chinese government. Additional action in other states will only build on this momentum.Arizona: The Protection Procurement Act (House Bill 2436) has been introduced by Representative Lupe Diaz. The bill follows a comprehensive hearing by the Senate Military Affairs, Public Safety, and Border Security (MAPS) Committee on policies to address threats posed by… Read More