House China Committee Follows CTT’s Lead, Asks Hard Questions about Lenovo on Navy Bases

On September 25, CTT released a memo exposing Lenovo’s presence as a sponsor of the Navy Exchange’s Gaming Hangar in Virginia Beach, VA during the Naval Air Station Oceana air show. Not only did Lenovo have a display booth inside a U.S. military facility, but Lenovo laptops were for sale through the Navy Exchange website, commonly used by military personnel for tax-free tech purchases. Given that Chinese-owned Lenovo was named a “known security risk” by the Pentagon’s own inspector general in 2019, and has ties to the Chinese military, we wanted answers how Lenovo gained a foothold on U.S. bases. (Read the whole memo here).We’re not the only ones asking hard questions.On October 5, Chairman Mike Gallagher of… Read More