China Evades U.S. Chip Controls – When Will We Respond?

A recent joint column for Foreign Policy makes the point that if the Biden “administration wants to succeed in holding a chokepoint over national security-sensitive supercomputing, [BIS] will have to get more creative.” That’s true, and time is ticking.To put a finer point on why, Tim Fist of CNAS, Lennart Heim of Governance of AI, and Jordan Schneider of Rhodium Group cite reports of blacklisted Chinese entities exploiting weaknesses in U.S. policy and smuggling chips. For example:“[B]lacklisted facial recognition company SenseTime has been using intermediaries to smuggle banned components from the United States, mirroring the approach taken by China’s top nuclear weapons lab, the state-run Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics. And despite being blacklisted for human rights abuses,… Read More