Q&A With General Spider Marks: ‘24 Momentum In State Capitols To Ban Risky China Tech

As February draws to a close, many state legislatures are well into their sessions and some, like Utah, quickly nearing the end of their business for this year. China Tech Threat (CTT) is encouraged by the leadership many new states have demonstrated already in 2024 by advancing bills to prohibit state purchase of risky technology from companies owned or operated by the Chinese government. We caught up with CTT Principal General James “Spider” Marks for his take on the state progress to date and the vulnerabilities that linger.  Q: 2023 ended strong with four new states passing laws bringing their total number of states that passed laws or executive orders to nine. What status update can you share at this… Read More

CHIPS Act Anniversary: Every Chip Matters

For the CHIPS Act to succeed, we need to increase our domestic capabilities and decrease our dependence on China for all types of chips. Retired Major General James “Spider” Marks tells us that in a new video to mark the one year anniversary of the CHIPS Act. His emphasis on all types of chips is important. While the Biden Administration recently acknowledged the importance of legacy chips, its policy actions to date have been focused on advanced chips. But every chip matters. To underscore the critical value of legacy chips, Marks points to their very immediate and relevant applications in smart weapons systems. While the CHIPS Act will play a big role in increasing America’s domestic chipmaking capabilities, Marks ends… Read More