Florida Is Leading The Fight Against Dangerous Chinese Technology, But Don’t Let Up

“At this critical point, our nation must pursue a whole-of-government approach to dealing with the China threat, with urgent action at the local, state, and federal levels,” Florida State Representative David Borrero outlined in a Miami Herald op-ed. He correctly highlights Gov. Ron DeSantis’ executive order as the sort of bold action required to limit China’s technology aggression which is critical as a recent China Tech Threat analysis shows Florida spent over $29 Million on dangerous technology from Lexmark and Lenovo between 2015 and 2022. Furthering the cause, Rep. Borrero’s bill, HB 1355, to prohibit government entities from entering into contracts that give China access to certain sensitive data is moving through the committee process and a similar bill, SB 264,… Read More

Florida Adopts Toughest Rules yet to Protect People and Organizations from Chinese Government Intrusion.

Yesterday Florida governor Ron DeSantis released Executive Order 22-216 to counter Chinese government intrusion in Florida’s computer networks. Noting the critical security threat detailed by national defense authorities and the actions taken to secure federal networks, Governor DeSantis took the step to secure Florida’s state and local government networks by preventing the exposure of government information and technology services and systems in Florida to the Chinese government.China Tech Threat (CTT) has detailed the important efforts to protect people and enterprises whose data is held within state government. Just last week, CTT was in Florida at a James Madison Institute tech summit discussing threats to Florida and actions that leaders intend to take to secure Florida’s residents, businesses and infrastructure.… Read More