Lenovo Quietly Remains Major Threat – And Their Products Are Everywhere

2022 ended with notable momentum from the U.S. government targeting Chinese tech threats. As examples, YMTC was added to the Entity List and TikTok was banned on federal government devices. But as Roslyn Layton writes at Forbes, we can’t neglect a massive threat hiding in plain sight – the ubiquity of Lenovo equipment in state government and private sector IT systems. Approximately 900 U.S. municipalities and states use Lenovo products today. That’s a problem, Layton says, because “Lenovo is a textbook example of China’s techno-nationalist strategy to leverage its global companies for military gain.” It also has a long track record of abusing user security and privacy. As retired General James “Spider” Marks has written: “Lenovo has unmitigated access to… Read More