New CTT Data Indicates States Continue To Spend Millions on Restricted Tech

States Making Progress to Curtail Further Spending China Tech Threat’s original 2020 research found that nearly 40 states had contracts to purchase technology Chinese government-owned technology manufacturers Lenovo and Lexmark. Beginning in Fall 2022, we began to re-examine data from each state to determine if the states have made payments to either company, how much was spent, and where those products were deployed. As of May 2023, we verified payments from 48 states totaling more than $285 million since 2015, with some states spending as much as $47 million on Lexmark or Lenovo products. (Read the briefing paper here.) In January 2024 we returned to this research in select states and discovered that states currently debating bills to stop the… Read More

Key Kentucky Departments Are at Risk Due to Continued Spending on Restricted Chinese Tech

Kentucky continues to spend taxpayer dollars on restricted Chinese technology from Lenovo Inc. and Lexmark Inc. Following original research released in 2023, China Tech Threat’s (CTT) updated report found that in 2024 Kentucky bought an additional $920,340 worth of restricted technology from the two companies, on top of the $1,805,465 it spent in previous years. The updated data shows that the state has now brought its total spending on restricted technology from Lenovo, Inc. and Lexmark, Inc. between 2015 and 2024 to a total of $8,488,286. Chinese government-owned technology manufacturers Lenovo and Lexmark have been restricted from U.S. military and intelligence agencies due to their connection to the Chinese government and military. CTT’s research relevels that the State Police Department,… Read More

Kansas Continues to Be at Risk Due to Restricted Chinese Tech

Since China Tech Threat’s (CTT) original report in 2023 on Kansas’s spending on restricted Chinese technology, we have found that the state of Kansas spent an additional $305,558 in 2023 on technology from Lenovo, Inc. also it was discovered that previously unreported data shows an additional $55,279 spent in 2018 and $38,500 in 2016. Our new updated report on spending shows that the state of Kansas spent a combined $4,025,443 on restricted Chinese technology from Lenovo, Inc. and Lexmark, Inc. between 2015 and 2023. We have identified that due to spending that select vulnerabilities in Kansas are the Department of Health and Environment, the Department of Commerce, the State Legislature, and the Board of Nursing. We encourage to lawmakers in… Read More

VIDEO: Maine Advances Bill To Stop State Purchase of Restricted China Tech

China Tech Threat (CTT) provided expert testimony at a January 25 Maine State and Local Government Committee meeting, where the committee voted to advance legislation to restrict state purchase of dangerous Chinese technology already restricted by the federal government. Nine other states have already enacted similar policies, including Vermont which was the first state to take action in 2019. In an interview about her bill, Act to Prohibit State Contracts with Companies Owned or Operated by the Government of the People’s Republic of China (LD877, SP0374) Senator Lisa Keim told CTT: “China is not our friend. They are collecting information and our data for purposes that are not beneficial to us and have been doing it for years. We absolutely… Read More

DOD-Restricted Chinese-Owned Tech Sold on U.S. Navy Bases + 4 Recommendations

While the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party is investigating how Chinese nationals have gained access to U.S. military installations, China Tech Threat is releasing our own policy memo on an equally concerning issue: How companies substantially owned by Chinese entities have effectively deployed their products inside the Department of Defense. Over the last decade China has become the United States’ top adversary, increasing their attempted espionage and surveillance against the U.S. government. Despite the known risks presented by Chinese technology companies, state and federal government agencies have continued to have relationships with Chinese owned and operated companies such as Lenovo, Lexmark, Hikvision, and DJI. As a recent example, the U.S. Navy continues to maintain a relationship with… Read More

Is Your State 1 of the 46 That Has Purchased Banned PRC-Owned Technology?

Did your state contribute to the more than $285 million states have spent on dangerous PRC-owned tech? Has your state taken up policy to prohibit these dangerous contracts that put your residents, businesses and state infrastructure at risk? The answer to these questions can be found in China Tech Threat’s (CTT) 50-state research and analysis of spending on restricted Lexmark and Lenovo technology. View the interactive state maps at and the corresponding States of Denial vs States of Momentum report The links detail the 46 states that have recently made purchases from one or both PRC-owned companies, with recent spending totaling over $285 million. Scores of agencies charged with protecting sensitive data are using this dangerous technology, including six… Read More

Georgia’s Early Leadership To Prohibit Purchases of Dangerous China Tech Is An Example For Other States

As China Tech Threat (CTT) reported in February, Georgia emerged as an early leader with the passage of SB 346 to protect Georgia residents from China intrusion. Authored by State Rep. Martin Momtahan and signed into law in 2022 by Governor Kemp, the law prohibits companies owned or operated by China from bidding on state contracts. This law was timely as CTT’s research showed Georgia recently spent $47,259,946 on restricted Chinese technology from Lexmark and Lenovo. Implementation of this new law will help eradicate the use of Georgia taxpayer dollars to purchase dangerous Chinese technology. Rep. Momtahan has been working for its enforcement and in a February 2023 letter to Georgia’s Department of Administrative Services, he called for the Department… Read More

Kentucky Must Halt Purchases Of Dangerous Tech Due To Improper Ties To China

In June, Kentucky officials halted the payment of incentives to an electric vehicle battery facility after the U.S. Department of Energy rejected a $200 million loan for the project due to questions about improper ties to China. Kentucky should also halt purchases of restricted Chinese technology manufactured by Lexmark and Lenovo, which the state spent more than $5 million on between 2016 and 2022. As China Tech Threat’s (CTT) research shows, Kentucky spent $5,762,445 on restricted Chinese technology from Lexmark and Lenovo, manufacturers already restricted by U.S. military and intelligence agencies due to their connection to the Chinese government and military. Yet, the state of Kentucky has purchased this technology for its Judicial Branch, Department of Revenue, and State Police,… Read More

Virginia Must Try Again to Prohibit Dangerous China Tech Purchases

In January 2023, Delegate Emily Brewer sponsored House Bill 2385, which would prohibit state agencies from entering into contracts for goods or services with scrutinized companies. Unfortunately, the bill was weakened by a carve out for companies approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, and ultimately failed. Given the more than $5 million the state spent on restricted Chinese technology from Lexmark and Lenovo in recent years, Delegate Brewer’s leadership should be commended, and we urge Virginia lawmakers to take up this issue again to protect Virginia residents’ sensitive data.  China Tech Threat’s (CTT) research reveals Virginia spent $5,786,482 on this risky Chinese technology by manufacturers already restricted by U.S. military and intelligence agencies due to… Read More

Chinese Technology Puts Maryland’s Data At Risk Of Chinese Surveillance And Collection

Late last year, former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan issued a directive prohibiting the executive branch from using and downloading certain Chinese and Russian-influenced products and platforms due to cybersecurity risks they pose. Also presenting a cybersecurity risk is the more than $60,000 worth of risky Chinese technology purchased by the state in recent years.  China Tech Threat’s (CTT) research reveals that between 2019 and 2020, the state of Maryland spent $61,402 on dangerous technology manufactured by Lexmark, as detailed in our fact sheet. All purchases were by the Department of Health, putting Marylanders’ personal and confidential health data at risk of Chinese surveillance.  Lexmark, along with others, is already restricted by U.S. military and intelligence agencies due to its connections… Read More