House China Hawks Demand Commerce Department Protect U.S. Chip Sales

Last month, Beijing announced retaliatory measures to counter the U.S.’s trade restrictions on Chinese chips. In response, leaders on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and Select Committee on China are demanding the administration ensure China can’t enforce it’s ban and calling on the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) to place CXMT on the Entity List. In a June 1 joint letter to Secretary Raimondo, Representatives McCaul and Gallagher wrote: “In response to the United States’ legitimate national security action, the CCP lashed out with an arbitrary economic embargo against one American company. Now, the United States must ensure that this economic aggression fails.” Regarding CMXT, they wrote: “ChangXin Memory Technologies’ (CXMT) products are widely understood to serve military and… Read More

U.S. Government on Export Controls: “Do As I Say, Not As I Do”

Bloomberg reports that the Commerce Department’s Deputy Secretary recently flew to the Netherlands to lobby the Dutch technology company ASML from selling advanced chipmaking equipment to China. That trip raises the question – if the U.S. government is lobbying other nations to curb exports of sensitive technologies, why isn’t the Commerce Department using its power to put export controls on certain American chipmaking technologies bound for China? ASML is one of the world’s most important companies in the chipmaking ecosystem. As China Tech Threat noted in its white paper on semiconductor export control policies, “only ASML produces extreme ultraviolet (EUV) photolithography equipment, which is necessary to manufacture state-of-the-art 5 nm chips.” Will Hunt, Saif Kahn (now at the National Security… Read More