Hiring! U.S. Semiconductor Toolmaker Seeks Engineer to Support Chinese “National Champion”

Three years after Lam Research opened a training center in China to provide customers with “technical guidance and training,” the American semiconductor manufacturing equipment (SME) maker is seeking an engineer dedicated to supporting Yangtze Memory Technologies Company (YMTC). YMTC, a Chinese “state champion” chipmaker, has emerged as a key player in the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC) bid to dominate the memory market. The White House’s supply chain review report last year notes that YMTC has received an estimated $24 billion in government subsidies and represents a “potential low-cost threat to U.S.-based memory companies.” Last year James Mulvenon, Director of Intelligence Integration for SOS International, issued a report that details the PRC’s use of subsidies, espionage, and anticompetitive and illegal… Read More