Mike Rogers: “Cyber Threat Is Real and Growing”

The SolarWinds breach may be the “most significant” cyber-attack in American history, and the scope is likely to grow, former Congressman Mike Rogers wrote in the Wall Street Journal on Sunday. Beyond the sheer breadth of the attack, it also reveals that government agencies are no longer the only targets of the United States’ adversaries—American businesses are, too. “Don’t be surprised either if it emerges that private companies were hit.,” Rep. Rogers cautions. “SolarWinds says it has more than 300,000 customers, including 400 companies in the Fortune 500. That’s a lot of potential victims.” That U.S. businesses are in the crosshairs of country’s like China and Russia requires cooperation across both the private and public sectors. “The nation—public and private… Read More

SolarWinds Breach Underscores the Threat from U.S. Adversaries

At least five U.S. government agencies were breached by a cyber-espionage campaign launched by the Russian government, reporting this week revealed. The attack, which dates back to March and possibly longer, successfully infiltrated the Departments of State, Defense, Commerce, Treasury and Homeland Security. The list of targets is expected to grow to include more agencies and private companies as more is learned about the scope of hack.  Described as “highly sophisticated,” the operation accessed U.S. networks through a corrupt software patch. The New York Times called it one of the “greatest intelligence failures of modern times.” Last year Wired reported that a group of Chinese hackers used a similar software supply chain attack to compromise at least six companies over… Read More