Lenovo’s Last Ditch Lobbying Fails as Senator McCay Successfully Restricts PRC Tech from Utah

In the wanning hours of the 2024 Utah legislative session, HB 404 – which would stop the state from purchasing tech manufactured by PRC-owned companies – was challenged on the floor of the Senate. Senator Daniel McCay, the senate sponsor, successfully deflected an 11th hour attempt to weaken his bill. Here is how he explained the challenge: One company is highly motivated… has hired a lobbyist, which is certainly within their right … we looked in procurement and since 2018 [the State of Utah has] spent more than $50 million with that company. I can understand why they’re concerned about losing a $50 million deal or contract, but… the problems that we have as a country trying to secure our… Read More

VIDEO: UT Rep. Pierucci Bill to Stop Tech Purchases from CCP-Owned Companies Advances

Utah State Representative Candice Pierucci is making it a priority to stop taxpayer dollars from being used to purchase technology from CCP-owned companies. In video comments provided to China Tech Threat (CTT), Rep. Pierucci talks about her bill, the Public Entity Restrictions bill (HB 404) that received unanimous support at the committee level and will next be taken up for a vote buy the full House. “I’m running legislation that would prohibit Utah’s official entities, funded by taxpayer dollars, from making any purchases from Chinese-owned companies with technology that could be used to influence and collect data on citizens. It is about safeguarding our taxpayer interests and dollars and making sure we aren’t funding the CCP,” said Rep. Pierucci.Updated research by… Read More

2024 State Momentum Update: February 7

Since our last update on January 23, a number of states have added to the strong momentum with bills to prohibit the purchase of technology by companies owned or operated by the Chinese government. Below is the latest roundup of legislative activity by state lawmakers leading the fight to help protect residents, businesses, government offices, infrastructure, and personal and sensitive data from threats posed by the Chinese government. Utah (New): On January 26, 2024 Representative Candice Pierucci introduced the Public Entity Restrictions bill, HB 404. Among other things, it prohibits procurement of technology or technology services, networks, or systems from restricted foreign entities, including China.  Maryland (New): On February 2, 2024 Delegate Brian Chisolm introduced HB 894 which prohibits an… Read More