Video: NH Rep. Roy on Bill To Prohibit Contracts with Chinese Government Owned Tech

Under the leadership of New Hampshire State Representative Terry Roy, the Granite State joins the growing momentum as states take policy action to ban the purchase of dangerous technology from Chinese government owned or affiliated technology manufacturers.

China Tech Threat’s May 2023 report showed New Hampshire spent $204,765 on restricted Chinese technology from Lexmark, Inc. and Lenovo, Inc. While the amount spent isn’t as high as some states, of equal concern is that the risky technology is being used throughout state government offices in the Legislative Branch, the Treasury Department and even the Judicial Branch.

In January 2023, Rep. Terry Roy sponsored House Bill 86, prohibiting the state from contracting with Chinese government owned or affiliated technology manufacturers like Lenovo and Lexmark. Rep Roy discussed why he sponsored his bill and why he thinks the issue will draw bipartisan support in his state.

“This is a common enemy for everybody and on certain things like this, in New Hampshire especially, Granite staters have the ability to put aside partisan differences for the greater good and I am sure this would be one of those.”