Will Hunt and Roslyn Layton: The Importance of the U.S. Semiconductor Market

This week, Dr. Roslyn Layton sat down with Will Hunt from Georgetown’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET) where they discussed the importance of the American semiconductor market and the ways in which we can ensure a strong national supply chain policy in the face of increasing national security and economic threats.

Hunt is a Research Analyst at CSET focusing on semiconductor workforce and supply chain issues. Earlier this summer, he was featured on a China Tech Threat panel where he brought his expertise to comment on the future of the leadership at the Bureau of Industry and Security.

Layton and Hunt had a thoughtful discussion and touched on four major points:

  • US Semiconductor Strengths: Chip Design, Software, Toolmakers and R&D
  • National Security > Corporate Revenue in Export Control Decision Making
  • Importance of Allies in Export Controls of Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing
  • Reasons to put YMTC on the Entity List  

Watch the full conversation below and here.