WSJ is the First Major Daily to Recognize the Chinese Technology Threat Beyond Huawei

Extending investigative coverage beyond only Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei, Jacky Wong of the Wall Street Journal has drawn fresh scrutiny against Chinese PC giant Lenovo. Referencing the ongoing threat to Lenovo’s export business by the U.S. – Chinese trade war, the article notes that a key threat to Lenovo is the risk of getting caught up in the Trump administration’s technology security concerns. Evidence shows Lenovo should be included in the conversation about Chinese technology security concerns, as the number one PC maker in the world has stark ties to the Chinese government and has been at the center of numerous consumer-level security and privacy breaches. Just as Huawei is a security risk in the mobile network when transporting data, Lenovo could pose a security risk in the computers and servers in which that data is stored.

Chinese companies have long been the go-to brands for cheap and basic personal computers and tech devices. From Lenovo in the PC space to brands like TCL and Hisense in home electronics, Chinese companies offer products at lower cost to consumer thanks to a government – supported economic model. Buyers must now ask whether a small upfront savings is enough to justify using equipment made companies that consistently infringe on user privacy and are overseen by the Chinese Communist Party.